Positions Held


Associate Professor of Art History and Curatorial Studies, Department of Visual Arts, York University, Toronto.


Graduate Program Director, Art History, Department of Visual Arts, York University, Toronto.


Assistant Professor of Art History and Curatorial Studies, Department of Visual Arts, York University, Toronto.


Lecturer, Graduate Program, Department of Communication Studies and Art History, McGill University, Montreal.


Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, MFA Program and Art History, Concordia University, Montreal.


Lecturer, Department of Art History, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax.


Post-Doctoral Affiliation/Visiting Scholar, Society for Fellows in the Humanities, Cornell University, Ithaca (Advisor: Susan Buck-Morss)


Contemporary Art Fellow, Canadian Centre for the Visual Arts, The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

Post-Doctoral Affiliation/Visiting Scholar, Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Performance Studies, New York University, New York (Advisor: Peggy Phelan).


Assistant Editor, Parachute Magazine, Montréal.


Independent Critic and Curator (co-founder of DisplayCult).




Ph.D., Humanities Doctoral Program, Concordia University, Montreal. Interdisciplinary Research in Cultural Studies. Dissertation: Aesthetic Contingencies: Relational Enactments in Display Culture.


Master of Arts in Media Studies, Department of Communications, Concordia University, Montreal. Thesis: Museums and Mediation: Locating the Exhibition Experience.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax.

Books, Special Issues and Catalogues


Sensory Aesthetics, co-editor of special issue of Senses & Society, 7(2), 122 pp.


Civic Spectacle, co-editor of special issue of Public, #45, 240 pp.


Technologies of Intuition, editor, Toronto: YYZBOOKS & Winnipeg: Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA), 270 pages.


Museopathy, exhibition catalogue, Kingston: The Agnes Etherington Art Centre in association with DisplayCult (co-author).


CounterPoses, exhibition catalogue, Montreal: éditions Oboro in association with DisplayCult (co-author).

Selected Publications


Editor (with Jim Drobnick), Journal of Curatorial Studies, triannual, Intellect Publishers, UK.


“Paranormal Art History: Psychometry and the Afterlife of Objects,” The Ashgate Research Companion to Paranormal Cultures.


“Curating the City: Collectioneering and the Affects of Display,” in Celina Jeffery, ed., Artist-Curators, Bristol: Intellect (co-author).


“Diane Borsato,” in Johanna Householder and Tanya Mars, eds., Caught in the Act: Performance by Canadian Women, Toronto: YYZ Books.


“Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher Discuss the Changing Face of Curating,” interview with Sky Goodden, Blouin Artinfo, February 14 and 15, Part 1:; Part 2: news/story/868065/jim-drobnick-jennifer-fisher-discuss-the-changing-face-of.


“Introduction,” Journal of Curatorial Studies 1(1): 3-5 (co-author and co-editor).


“Introduction: Sensory Aesthetics,” Senses & Society 7(2): 133-134 (co-author).


 “Proprioceptive Friction: Waiting in Line to Sit with Marina Abramovic,” Senses and Society, 7(2): 153-172.


Nightsense,” Public #45, 35-63, co-author.


MetroSonics, exhibition brochure, Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 5 pp.


“Odor Limits,” The Senses & Society 3:3, expanded version of the exhibition pamphlet from the Esther M. Klein Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (co-author), 349-58.


“HEXhibitionism,” in FASTWÜRMS: Donkey@Ninja@Witch, Vancouver: Contemporary Art Gallery (co-author), 27-42.


“Tanya Mars: Tyranny of Bliss,” Legends of Performance: Tanya Mars, ed. Paul Couillard, Toronto: FADO.


“Tangible Acts,” The Senses in Performance, eds. Sally Banes and Andre Lepinki, New York & London: Routledge.


“The Anthropometry of Barbara,” exhibition catalogue for Barbara Balfour: Selfish, Toronto: The Koffler Gallery.


“Exhibitionary Affect,” n.paradoxa, special issue “Curatorial Strategies,” 18: 27-33.


Reprint of “In Noritoshi Hirakawa’s ‘Garden of Nirvana,’” The Smell Culture Reader, ed. Jim Drobnick, Oxford & New York: Berg, 320-327 (co-author).


“Museum Vivants,” exhibition catalogue for Adad Hannah: Video Projects, in Korean and English (coauthor).


“Do Me!” in 7a11d 6th International Festival of Performance Art, catalogue (co-author), 10-11.


Reprint and translation of “Museum vivants” in Adad Hannah: Video Projects, Seoul, 9-15 (co-author) (in English and Korean).


“Oral Logics of the Museum,” Public, special issue “Eating Things,” 30 (2005): 195-207.


Revised and expanded reprint of “Jayce Salloum: Archive of the Street,” in Image and Inscription, ed. Robert Bean, Toronto: Gallery 44 and YYZ Books, 167-179 (co-author).


“Out and About: The Performances of Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan,” Caught in the Act, eds. Johanna Householder and Tanya Mars, Toronto: YYZ Books, 189-197.


“Speeches of Display, Museum Audio Guides by Artists,” Aural Cultures, ed. Jim Drobnick, Toronto & Banff: YYZ Books & Walter Philipps Gallery Editions, 48-61.


“Tactile Affects,” Tessera, special issue, “The Senses,” 32: 17-28.


“Affective Blueprints,” The Culture of Community, ed. Vera Lemecha, Winnipeg: Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art, 35-45.


“Ready Un-Mades,” catalogue essay for Anne Ramsden, Anastylosis: Inventory, Lethbridge: Southern Alberta Art Gallery.


“Janet Cardiff’s Audio-Walks,” in Janet Cardiff: A Survey of Works Including Collaborations with George Bures Miller, ed. Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, New York: PS1/MOMA.


“Althea Thauberger, Songstress,” exhibition review, Parachute 112 (Fall): 138.


Linda M. Montano: 14 Years of Living Art, exhibition brochure, Montreal: The Liane and Danny Taran Gallery, 4 pp.


“Museal Tropes in Popular Film,” Visual Communication, 1(2): 197-201.


“Adad Hannah: Museum vivants,” exhibition brochure, Ottawa: Galerie SAW (co-author), 6 pp. (in English and French).


Excerpt and French translation of “Ambient Communities and Association Complexes; Aernout Mik’s Awry Socialities,” in Mik’s Biennale de Lyon catalogue, edited by Yvane Chapuis, p. 260.


“Ambient Communities and Association Complexes; Aernout Mik’s Awry Socialities,” Parachute 101 (Winter): 90-98. (coauthor).


“Blue Mountains: Itinerant Television and Monitored Luggage,” CD-ROM project and catalogue by Berlin-based artist Karen Kipphoff (co-author).


“Vital Signs, A Curatorial Response” Material History Review 53 (Spring-Summer): 75-76(co-author).


Museopathy, short guide/exhibition brochure, Kingston: Agnes Etherington Art Centre (co-author), 4 pp.


”Olfactory Dimensions in Contemporary Art,” Compendium of Olfactory Research, ed. Avery N. Gilbert, New York: Olfactory Research Fund, Ltd. (co-author), 93-9.


“The Servant Problem,” in Trespassers & Captives, Jamelie Hassan, ed., London: London Regional and Historical Museums (co-author), 49-61.


“Pipilotti Rist,” exhibition review, Canadian Art 17:2 (Summer): 76-77.


Vital Signs, exhibition brochure, Montreal: Leonard and Bina Ellen art Gallery (co-author).


“Performing Taste,” Foodculture, ed. Barbara Fischer, Toronto: YYZ Books, 29-47.


Hair Epiphanies,” catalogue essay for Told and Retold: Anne Wilson and A.B. Forster, Toronto: Textile Museum.


“Archive of the Street,” in Jayce Salloum, Kingston: Agnes Etherington Art Centre (co-author), 19-26.


“Contact Zones: The Art of CD-ROM,” exhibition review, Parachute 96 (Fall): 85-86.


“Bob Ross: The Painting Cure,” Parachute 91: 51 (co-author).


CounterPoses, exhibition brochure, Montreal: Oboro (co-author), 16 pp.


”Perfumativities: Olfactory Dimensions in Contemporary Art,” Aroma-Chology Review, 7(1), 1, 4.


“In the Garden of Nirvana: Noritoshi Hirakawa,” Parachute 88 (Fall) (co-author), 31-35.


“Relational Sense: Towards a Haptic Aesthetics,” Parachute 87 (Summer), 4-11.


“Interperformance: The Live Tableaux of Suzanne Lacy, Janine Antoni and Marina Abramovic,” Art Journal, 56(4): 28-33.


“Trick or Treat?: Naming A Curatorial Ethics,” in Naming a Practice: Curatorial


Strategies for the Future, ed. Peter White, Banff: Banff Center Press, 207-214.


“Exhibiting Bodies: Articulating Human Displays,” Border/Lines 31: 18-23.

Selected Curating


NIGHTSENSE, Nuit Blanche,Zone B, Toronto, October 3-4 (DisplayCult).


MetroSonics, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives, Ottawa, May 6-August 28 (DisplayCult).


Odor Limits, Esther M. Klein Gallery, Monell Science Center, Philadelphia, May 9-June 30 (DisplayCult).


Two Clouds: Aernout Mik, video screening, Special Projects Gallery, York University, January 14-24 (DisplayCult).


Do Me!, (DisplayCult, with Dave Dyment and Roula Partheniou) in association with the 7a*11d 6th International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto, October 19-29.


Linda M. Montano: 14 Years of Living Art, Liane and Danny Taran Gallery at the Saidye Bronfman Art Centre, Montreal.


STILLS: Adad Hannah, Saw Gallery, Ottawa (DisplayCult).


Museopathy, Agnes Etherington Art Centre and local history museums and heritage sites, Kingston (DisplayCult).


Empathology, performance series, local history museums and heritage sites, Kingston (DisplayCult).


Vital Signs, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal, co-curator (DisplayCult with Colette Tougas).


Sentience: Performance Salon, Montreal, in conjunction with the conference Uncommon Senses, co-curator (DisplayCult with Colette Tougas), March 30.


The Servant Problem, performance collaboration with Jim Drobnick, in Trespassers & Captives, organized by Jamelie Hassan, Eldon House, London (DisplayCult).


Room 208, site-specific installation in 48 Rooms/48 Hours organized by Ingrid Bachman, Montreal.


CounterPoses: Reimagining Tableaux Vivants, Galerie Oboro, Montreal (DisplayCult).

Selected Speaking Engagements


Invited Lecturer, “Curating Living Display,” Performance Studies Methodologies Conference, Massey College, Toronto, April (co-presenter).


Invited Correspondent, “Rethinking Curatorial Options, Globally,” Empyre listserv, April (with Jim Drobnick).


Invited Lecturer, Master of Visual Studies Program, University of Toronto, January (co-presenter).


Invited Lecturer, “Urban Screens,” York Film Downtown: Panels on the Art and Business of Cinema, Toronto, TIFF, March (co-presenter).


Invited conference respondent, Are Curators Unprofessional?,Banff International Curatorial Institute.


Invited lecturer, Face to Face Symposium, University of Ottawa (in conversation with David Hoffos).


Invited speaker, From the Ground Up: A Biennial Platform for International Contemporary Art in Toronto forum, The Power Plant and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.


Invited lecturer, Intuition as an Artistic Methodology, University of Lethbridge.


Keynote address, Sensory Economies: Curating the Financial District for Nuit Blanche 2009, for Out of Sight: Looking Beyond Seeing, the4th Annual Graduate Symposium, Department of Art, University of Toronto.


Invited Moderator for Chantal Mouffe, PREFIX: Urban Field Speakers Series, Toronto.


DisplayCult Curators Talk, Ryerson University, Toronto.


Session Co-chair and presenter, Neuroaesthetics, Universities Art Association of Canada, Toronto. “The Volitional Breath: Haptic Aesthetics in the Navigation of Char Davies Immersive Art.”


Session Co-chair, Cultures of Display I and II, Universities Art Association of Canada, Toronto.


Curatorial workshop for the Curatorial Incubator: The Dark Arts: Magic and Intuition, Vtape, Toronto.


Invited Panel Moderator, The Flipside: Allyson Mitchell, and Shawna Dempsey & Lori Millan, Vtape and Inside Out Festival, Toronto.


Invited Lecturer, Esther M. Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, May.


Invited speaker, Auto-Emotion Exhibition: Art as Ontological Event, The Power Plant, Toronto.


Session Co-chair, Issues in Contemporary Curatorial Practice, Universities Art Association of Canada, Toronto.


Invited speaker, On Intuition in Art Practice, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit.


Invited speaker, On the Production of Technologies of Intuition, MFA Program in Visual Studies, University of Toronto.


Invited speaker, Intuition as an Artistic Methodology, Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty Hour, York University.


Session Co-Chair, “Art Contexts, The Senses & Space, Part 1 and 2, Universities Art Association of Canada, Halifax.


“Relational Aesthetics of Display,” Challenge to Ocularcentrism: Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery, 32nd Association of Art Historians Conference, University of Leeds, UK.


Invited speaker, Istvan Kantor Machinery Execution Panel, Art Gallery of York University.


Invited speaker, Sensory Cultures and Display Conference, Concordia University.


Invited speaker, Visual Culture Colloquium, University of Toronto.


Invited speaker, Rethinking Exhibitions: Mendel Art Gallery Lecture Series, Saskatoon.


Invited lecturer, Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University.


Invited speaker, University of Ottawa, sponsored by Artengine.


Invited speaker, Visual Studies in a State of Emergency, Visual Studies Program, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.


Invited lecturer, Joan Carlisle-Irving Lecture Series, Critical Curatorial Studies Program, University of British Columbia.


Invited speaker, Museums After Modernism: Strategies of Engagement, Toronto.


Invited presenter, Curatorial Think Tank, The Banff Centre.


Invited think-tank participant for proposed exhibition on the senses at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.


Residency at Oboro’s New Media Lab, research on haptic art, Montreal.


Session Co-Chair, Popular Art Histories: Presenting and Consuming Interpretations of Art in Media Culture, Universities Art Association of Canada conference, Montreal.


Presenter, “Museal Tropes in Popular Film,” Popular Art Histories: Presenting and Consuming Interpretations of Art in Media Culture, College Art Association conference, Chicago.


Mentor in Residence, Mentoring Artists For Women’s Art, Winnipeg.


Co-organizer, Uncommon Senses: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Senses in Art and Culture, international conference with 185 presenters, Concordia University, Montreal, April 27–29.


Session Chair, Uncommon Senses: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Senses in Art and Culture, Concordia University, Montreal, April.


Session Chair, “In the Belly of the Beast: Museum Intervention as


Artistic Practice,” Universities Art Association of Canada, Toronto.


Session Chair, “Living Display,” Panel for the 5th Performance Studies Conference, Aberystwyth, Wales.


Invited Presenter, Research Fellowship Program presentation, Performing Taste, National Gallery of Canada.


Invited Presenter, “L’artiste et/ou le comisaire,” Galerie Vox, Montreal.


Conference Presenter, Performance in Canada, The University Art Association of Canada, London.


Invited Presenter, Performing Interdisciplinarity,” conference for the 25th anniversary of the Humanities Doctoral Program, Concordia University, Montreal.


Conference Presenter, Come To Your Senses, The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and Cornell University, Amsterdam.


Conference Presenter, Beyond Vision: Art, Aesthetics and the “Other” Senses, College Art Association, Toronto.


Invited Presenter, Cultural Studies and Art Criticism, for Parachute’s 20th anniversary conference, Montreal.


Conference Presenter, Cultural Studies and the Question of Aesthetics, International Communication Association, Montréal.


Conference Presenter, “The Interoceptive Turn in Recent Video Installations by Mona Hatoum and Martin Kersels,” Console-ing Passions, Montréal.


Conference Panel Chair, Rethinking Human Display: Tableaux Vivants, Performance Art and Living Exhibitions, College Art Association, New York .


Panel Organizer, Embodying Quebec, Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Performance Studies, New York University, New York.


Conference Presenter, Beyond Vision: Aesthetics and the Other Senses, Universities Art Association of Canada Conference, Montréal.


Conference presenter, Capitalism, Consumption, and Technologies of Discipline, International Communication Association, Chicago.


Conference presenter, Aesthetic, Political and Ethical Issues in Cross-Cultural Art, Centre for Cultures, Technologies and the Environment, Mysore, India.