Positions Held



Founder and Editor (with Jennifer Fisher), Journal of Curatorial Studies, triannual, Intellect Publishers, Bristol, UK.


Reviews Editor, PUBLIC: Art/Culture/Ideas, biannual, Toronto.


Graduate Program Director, MA Program in Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Art Histories, Ontario College of Art & Design University, Toronto.


Associate Professor, Contemporary Art and Theory, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, OCAD University, Toronto.


Exhibition and Conference Reviews Editor, The Senses & Society, triannual, Berg Publishers, Oxford, UK.


Research Fellow/Visiting Scholar, Art History and Visual Studies, The School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. Advisor: Amelia Jones.


Assistant Editor/Senior Editor, Parachute, quarterly, Montreal.


Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Program in Fine Arts and the Department of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal.


Research Fellow, Post-1970 Canadian Art, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Topic: “The Sonic Turn in Canadian Artistic Practice: Audio Art in the National Gallery’s Archives and Collections”


Adjunct Faculty, Department of Visual Art, University of Ottawa.


Independent Critic and Curator (co-founder of DisplayCult).




Ph.D., Humanities Doctoral Program, Concordia University, Montreal. Thesis title: “Olfactory Dimensions in Modern and Contemporary Art.”


Master of Fine Arts, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax.


Bachelor of Arts, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. Combined Major in Art History and Studio Art.

Books, Special Issues and Catalogues


Sensory Aesthetics, co-editor of special issue of Senses & Society, 7(2), 122 pp.


Civic Spectacle, co-editor of special issue of Public, #45, 240 pp.


The Smell Culture Reader, editor, Oxford & New York: Berg, 442 pp.


Aural Cultures, editor of anthology and CD, Toronto & Banff: YYZ Books & Walter Phillips Gallery Editions, 288 pp.


Museopathy, Kingston: Agnes Etherington Art Centre in association with DisplayCult, catalogue (co-author), 112 pp.


CounterPoses, Montreal: Oboro and DisplayCult (co-author), 80 pp. (in English and French).

Selected Publications


”The Museum as Smellscape,” in The Multisensory Museum: A Cross-disciplinary Perspective on Multiple Modalities of a Museum Experience, eds. Nina Levent and Alvaro Pascual-Leone.


“Curating the City: Collectioneering and the Affects of Display,” in Celina Jeffery, ed., Artist-Curators, Bristol: Intellect (co-author).


“Germaine Koh: Incidental Aesthetics and Post-Performativity,” in Johanna Householder and Tanya Mars, eds., Caught in the Act: Performance by Canadian Women, Toronto: YYZ Books.


Editor (with Jennifer Fisher), Journal of Curatorial Studies, triannual, Intellect Publishers, UK.


“To ‘Feel Breathing’: Duchamp and the Immaterial Aesthetics of Scent,” in Sascha Bru, David Ayers, Benedikt Hjartarson and Anne Reverseau, eds., European Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies, Volume 3: The Aesthetics of Matter. Modernism, the Avant-Garde and Material Exchange, Berlin & New York: Walter de Gruyter, 275-289.


“Oswaldo Macia: Cynical Perception,” exhibition pamphlet, New York: Henrique Faria Fine Art, 9 pp.


“Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher Discuss the Changing Face of Curating,” interview with Sky Goodden, Blouin Artinfo, February 14 and 15, Part 1: http://ca.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/864605/jim-drobnick-jennifer-fisher-discuss-the-changing-face-of; Part 2: http://ca.blouinartinfo.com/ news/story/868065/jim-drobnick-jennifer-fisher-discuss-the-changing-face-of.


”Towards an Olfactory Art History: The Mingled, Fatal and Rejuvenating Perfumes of Paul Gauguin,” Senses & Society, 7(2): 197-208.


Nightsense,” Public #45, 35-63, co-author.


“’If I Should Die...’: Necrological Meditations in …before I wake,” in The Long Time: 21st Century Art of Steele + Tomczak, Paul Wong, ed., Vancouver: VIVO/On Main (co-author), 11-25.


”The City, Distilled,” in Senses and the City, edited by Madalina Diaconu, Eva Heuberger, Ruth Mateus-Berr, and Lukas Marcel Vosicky, Berlin/Vienna: Lit Verlag, 257-75.


“Dance by Artists,” series of exhibition/catalogue reviews, The Senses & Society 6(3): 372-382.


Airchitecture: Guarded Breaths and the [cough] Art of Ventilation,” in Art History and the Senses: 1830 to the Present, Patrizia di Bello and Gabriel Koureas, eds., London: Ashgate, 147-66.


“Sound Exhibitions: The Second Wave,” series of exhibition/catalogue reviews, The Senses & Society 5(3): 403-11.


“Sense and reminiSCENT: Performance and the Essences of Memory,” Canadian Theatre Review 137, Winter, 6-12.


”Body Events and Implicated Gazes,” Performance Research, 13(4), 64-74.


MetroSonics, exhibition brochure (co-author), Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 6 pp.


“Simon Starling: The Entangled Life of Things,” Switch 1(1), Winter, 4-5.


“Sonic Intimidation: Santiago Sierra’s El Degüello,” One Hour Empire, Fall, adaptation from the catalogue essay in Listening Awry, 72-76.


”Odor Limits,” The Senses & Society 3:3, 349-58 (co-author).


“HEXhibitionism,” in FASTWÜRMS: Donky@Ninja@Witch, Vancouver: Contemporary Art Gallery (co-author), 27-42.


“Listening Awry,” in Listening Awry, exhibition catalogue, Hamilton: McMaster Museum of Art, 32 pp.


“Smell – Old Sense, New Art,” Fragrance Forum, Spring/Summer, 6-7.


“Bodies of Interference,” in Carolee Schneemann: Split Decision, Toronto/ Buffalo: Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art/CEPA Gallery, 26-31.


“Sometimes It’s Good to Put Up a Couple of Walls: Rirkrit Tiravanija,” Sketch, Spring, 8-11; reprinted as “Untitled 2007 (Rirkrit Tiravanija),” exhibition brochure for the Professional Gallery, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, n.p.


”Deborah Hay: A Performance Primer,” Performance Research, 11(2): 43-57.


”Fear, Shame, Ecstasy and Self-Transformation: Marina Abramovic,” in Technologies of Intuition, ed. Jennifer Fisher, Toronto & Winnipeg: YYZ Books & MAWA (co-author), 141-53.


“From Anechoic Cave to Sonic Chasm,” in Su-Mei Tse, Chicago & Luxembourg: The Renaissance Society & Editions Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, 89-112 (in English and French).


“Jayce Salloum: Archive of the Street,” in Image, Index and Inscription: Essays on Contemporary Canadian Photography, ed. Robert Bean, Toronto: Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography and YYZ Books (co-author), 167-79.


“Platefuls of Air,” Public #30: Eating Things, Scott McFarlane, ed., 175-93.


“Volatile Effects: Olfactory Dimensions in Art and Architecture,” in Empire of the Senses: The Sensual Culture Reader, ed. David Howes, Oxford & New York: Berg, 265-80 (originally published in 2002).


Revised version of “Ambient Communities and Association Complexes: Aernout Mik’s Awry Socialities,” in Aernout Mik: Dispersions, ed. Stephanie Rosenthal, Munich: Haus der Kunst/DuMont (co-author), 16-60, 78-80 (in English and German) (originally published in 2001).


”Trafficking in Air,” Performance Research 8(3), Fall, 29-43.


”Toposmia: Art, Scent, and Interrogations of Spatiality,” Angelaki 7(1), Gary Banham, ed., April, 31-46.


”Volatile Architectures,” in Crime and Ornament: In the Shadow of Adolf Loos, Bernie Miller and Melony Ward, eds., Toronto: YYZ Books, 263-82.


“Clara Ursitti: Scents of a Woman,” Tessera #32: The Senses/Les sens, Lianne Moyes, ed., Summer, 85-97.


“Adad Hannah: Museum vivants,” exhibition brochure, Ottawa: Galerie SAW (co-author), 6 (in English and French).


“Vital Signs: Curatorial Statement,” Material History Review (co-author), Spring-Summer, 75-6.


“Ambient Communities and Association Complexes: Aernout Mik’s Awry Socialities,” Parachute #101, Winter (co-author), 91-8.


“Blue Mountains: Itinerant Television and Monitored Luggage,” in Karen Kipphoff: Time-Based Work, CD-ROM and catalogue, English/German translation (co-author), 44-50 (in English and German).


”Olfactory Dimensions in Contemporary Art,” Compendium of Olfactory Research, ed. Avery N. Gilbert, New York: Olfactory Research Fund, Ltd. (co-author), 93-9.


”Inhaling Passions: Art, Sex and Scent,” Sexuality and Culture, 4(3): 37-56.


“The Servant Problem,” in Trespassers & Captives, Jamelie Hassan, ed., London: London Regional Art and Historical Museums (co-author), 49-61.


”Recipes for the Cube: The Aromatic and Edible in Art,” in Foodculture: Tasting Identities and Geographies in Art, Barbara Fischer, ed., Toronto: YYZ Books, 69-79.


“CounterPoses, a Curatorial Pose,” Etc Montreal, March-April (co-author), 17-22.


“Archive of the Street,” in Jayce Salloum, Kingston: Agnes Etherington Art Centre (co-author), 19-26.


”Perfumativities: Olfactory Dimensions in Contemporary Art,” Aroma-Chology Review, 7(1), 1, 4.


“Reveries, Assaults and Evaporating Presences: Olfactory Dimensions in Contemporary Art,” Parachute #89, Winter, 10-19.


“In the Garden of Nirvana: Noritoshi Hirakawa,” Parachute #88, Fall (co-author), 31-5.


“Interactivity and Real Time-Envy: Diller + Scofidio,” Parachute #86, 10-13.


“Interrogating the Ideologies of Technology: Judith Barry,” Parachute #84, Fall, 20-4.


“Mock Excursions and Twisted Itineraries: Tour Guide Performances,” Parachute #80, Fall, 32-7.


“Displacing the Civilizing Wall: Peter Eisenman,” Parachute #75, 28-35.


“Primate Visionaries,” Parachute #73, Winter, 32-5.



Selected Curating


NIGHTSENSE, Nuit Blanche: Zone B, fifteen sites in the Financial District, Toronto, October 3-4 (DisplayCult).


MetroSonics, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives, Ottawa, May 6-August 28 (DisplayCult).


Odor Limits, Esther M. Klein Art Gallery, Monell Science Center, Philadelphia, May 9–June 30 (DisplayCult).


Two Clouds: Aernout Mik, video screening, Special Projects Gallery, York University, January 14-24, co-curator (DisplayCult).


Listening Awry, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, ON, May 31–September 1.


Do Me!, instruction performance series, Toronto (DisplayCult, with Dave Dyment and Roula Partheniou), October 19–29.


6th 7a11d International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto (co-organizer), October 15–29.


Aural Cultures, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, May 7–June 26.


reminiSCENT, performance series in association with FADO, co-curated with Paul Couillard, Toronto, September 18–21.


Aural Cultures: Audio Art Residency, Charles Street Video, Toronto, January–July.


Stills: Adad Hannah, SAW Gallery, Ottawa, co-curator (DisplayCult), September 5–28.


Museopathy, Agnes Etherington Art Centre and ten local history museums and heritage sites, Kingston, co-curator (DisplayCult), June 23–September 9.


Empathology, performance series, four local history museums and heritage sites, Kingston, co-curator (DisplayCult), June 23.


Vital Signs, Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal, co-curator (DisplayCult with Colette Tougas), March 30–May 11.


Sentience: Performance Salon, Montreal, in conjunction with the conference Uncommon Senses, co-curator (DisplayCult with Colette Tougas), March 30.


CounterPoses: Reimagining Tableaux Vivants, Galerie Oboro, Montreal, co-curator (DisplayCult), May 7–9.



Selected Speaking Engagements


Invited Lecturer, Scent, Science and Aesthetics: Understanding Smell and Anosmia, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, May.


Presenter, College Art Association Annual Conference, New York, February.


Invited Presenter, Multimodal Approaches to Learning International Conference, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, October.


Presenter, European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies Conference, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, September.


Invited Lecturer, Performance Studies Methodologies Conference, Massey College, Toronto, April (co-presenter).


Invited Lecturer, “Sounding Cultures: From Performance to Politics,” Cornell University, Ithaca, October.


Invited Lecturer, The Textile Museum, Toronto, September.


Co-chair, “The Convulsive Museum: Reinventing the Collection,” UAAC Conference, Ottawa, October.


Presenter, “Troubling Art Historical Narrative Temporality: Museum Interventions at the Affective Turn,” UAAC Conference, Ottawa, October.


Invited Lecturer, “Urban Screens,” York Film Downtown: Panels on the Art and Business of Cinema, Toronto, TIFF, March (co-presenter).


Invited Lecturer, Smell It!, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, September.


Invited Speaker, “NIGHTSENSE,” Nuit Talks: When Curators Speak..., Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, October (co-presenter).


Chair, “Performing the Spectacle,” Performance Studies International Conference, York University and OCAD, Toronto, June.


Invited Lecturer, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, May.


Colloquium Speaker, Art Climatology, Université de Montréal, May.


Invited Lecturer, Fragrance Forum, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, May.


Invited Speaker, From the Ground Up: A Biennial Platform for Contemporary Art in Toronto, The Power Plant and MOCCA, Toronto, April.


Discussant, Architecture Therapeutics Aesthetics: Technologically Enhanced Environments and the Human Sensorium, University of Toronto, February.


Programming Committee, 16th Performance Studies International Conference, York University and OCAD, Toronto.


Moderator and Respondent, Animal House, Galerie SAW, Ottawa, August.


Curatorial Talk, National Gallery of Canada Library, Ottawa, May (co-presenter).


Invited Lecturer, Olfaction and the City, University of Vienna, May.


Invited Lecturer, Ryerson University, Toronto, March (co-presenter).


Presenter, Cultures of Display, UAAC Conference, Toronto, November.


Moderator, talk by Amelia Jones, Let's Do It Again, Power Plant, Toronto, June.


Invited Lecturer, Esther M. Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, May.


Invited Presenter, Gallery 1313, Toronto, March.


Chair, Listening Awry: Contemporary Audio Practices, UAAC, Waterloo, November.


Invited Lecturer, York University, September.


Invited Lecturer, Auto-Emotion Exhibition: Art as Ontological Event, The Power Plant, Toronto, August.


Invited Lecturer, University of Manchester, UK, November.


Presenter, Other than the Visual, Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, Leeds, UK, April.


Invited Lecturer, Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, March 13.


Co-organizer, Sensory Collections and Display, conference, Montreal.


Plenary Speaker, “Airchitecture,” Sensory Collections and Display, Montreal.


Invited Lecturer, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff.


Invited Lecturer, Sensing the City, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal.


Invited Lecturer, Rethinking Exhibitions, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon.


Invited Lecturer, Colloquium on Visual Culture, University of Toronto.


Invited Lecturer, Department of Art & Social Policy, New York University.


Invited Lecturer, Visual Studies in a State of Emergency, Visual Studies Program, Cornell University, Ithaca.


Presenter, R/Evolution: Disrupting Genders/Sexualities/Ideologies, Concordia University.


Invited Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, University of Regina.


Invited Lecturer, Joan Carlisle-Irving Lecture Series, Critical Curatorial Studies Program, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


Invited Lecturer, Museums After Modernism: Strategies of Engagement, Toronto.


Invited Lecturer, University of Ottawa, sponsored by Artengine.


Invited Lecturer, Smithsonian Museum, Washington, D.C.


Session Co-chair, Popular Art Histories, Universities Art Association of Canada, Montreal.


Session Chair, Popular Art Histories: Presenting and Consuming Interpretations of Art in Media Culture, College Art Association, Chicago.


Presenter, Cultures of Display, Canadian Anthropological Association, Montreal.


Co-organizer, Uncommon Senses: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Senses in Art and Culture, international conference with 185 presenters, Concordia University, Montreal, April 27–29.


Plenary Speaker, Uncommon Senses: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Senses in Art and Culture, Concordia University, Montreal, April.


Presenter, In the Belly of the Beast: Museum Intervention as Artistic Practice, Universities Art Association of Canada, Toronto, ON.


Presenter, 5th Performance Studies International Conference, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK.


Presenter, The Shapes of Space: Images & Readings of Space in 20th Century Art, Universities Art Association of Canada, London, ON.


Presenter, Sex on the Edge, Concordia University, Montreal.


Presenter, Come To Your Senses!, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Theory and Interpretation, Amsterdam.


Session Chair, Beyond Vision: Art, Aesthetics and the “Other” Senses, College Art Association, Toronto.


Presenter, Cultural Studies and the Question of Aesthetics, International Communication Association, Montreal.


Presenter, Purity & Contamination: Category Confusion in Theory, Discourse and Practice, Concordia University, Montreal.


Presenter, Rethinking Human Display: Tableaux Vivants, Performance Art and Living Exhibitions, College Art Association, New York.


Session Chair, Beyond Vision: Aesthetics and the Other Senses, Universities Art Association of Canada, Montreal.


Invited Lecturer, Summit 2000: The Globalization of the Senses, The Fragrance Foundation, New York.


Invited Lecturer, Aesthetic, Political and Ethical Issues in Cross-Cultural Art, Centre for Cultures, Technologies and the Environment, Mysore, India.