Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan

Wild Ride, 2009

Bay Street

Bay Street, the distinguished emblem of Canada's banking industry – closed down. Emptied of traffic, the smell of cotton candy and raucous music filled the air. Two midway rides – "Avalanche" and "Fun Slide" – provided a haptic experience of the whirling, tilting exhilaration of the bull market and its less than thrilling collapse. Free to the public and staffed by carnies dressed as recently downsized businesspeople, the rides invited audience members to kinetically contemplate the ups and downs of the recent economic crisis. Out of the darkened financial district, screams were heard! Wild Ride asserted a cheeky and populist take on the destabilization of the financial markets. Like those affected by but unable to control fluctuations in capital, riders literally had to abandon themselves to the dizzying velocities of the piece.

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