Ryan Stec

Bright Lights Big City, 2009

CN Tower, viewable and listenable city-wide
(Observation Station 1 University Avenue)

Ryan Stec's piece used broadcast frequencies that are normally invisible, yet are concentrated in the financial zone, where skyscrapers beam out a multitude of radio signals. Stec programmed the lights of the landmark CN Tower to pulsate from dusk to dawn in sync with a simultaneous CIUT 89.5 FM radio broadcast. Audiences throughout Toronto could tune in to a city-wide synaesthetic experience involving the 553 metre tall landmark -- signifier of Toronto itself – with high-energy electronic mixes of the DJs Jokers of the Scene and the moody ambient music of the band "if then do." For those without a radio, a music station at the intersection of University and Front Streets brought listeners to a prime viewing location.

See Stec's video documentation on Vimeo >>

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