Two Clouds: Aernout Mik

Video of instruction-based performance from the series Do Me!

Performed at York University, October 2007
Screened at the Special Projects Gallery at the Joan and Martin Goldfarb Centre for the Arts, Toronto
January 14-24, 2008
Produced by DisplayCult, 2008 (15:00)

This video documents Two Clouds, an instructional performance by Aernout Mik, performed by students and faculty in the Visual Art, MFA and Dance programs at York University. Mik's instruction is a study in psycho-social group dynamics as three dozen performers engage in a series of perplexing and ludic mirror actions.

Aernout Mik is an Amsterdam-based artist who uses performance, video, installation and new media. His internationally acclaimed works depict persons in disquieting behaviors that examine the psychology of groups and the sociopolitics of individuality. His publications include Dispersions (2004), Reversal Room (2002), Primal Gestures/Minor Roles (2000), and Tender Habitat (2000).

Mik's Two Clouds was staged in the context of Do Me!, a curatorial project that solicited instructions from international artists to have them interpreted by Toronto-based performers. This event took the premise of Hans Ulrich Obrist's 1996 Do It! exhibition and returned it to its performative roots in the work of 1960s Fluxus artists. Projects in Do Me! challenged the tolerance of public space to accommodate politically-charged interventions, enigmatic group behaviors, disobedient media events, and experiments in personal transformation.

Directed by Jennifer Fisher and Jim Drobnick
Videographers: Nadine Bariteau, Jesse Bellon and Andrew Cousins
Editing: Nadine Bariteau and Jesse Bellon
Cover Image: Shea Berencsi

For more information on the artist, see Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher, "Ambient Communities and Association Complexes: Aernout Mik's Awry Socialities," in Aernout Mik: Dispersions, ed. Stephanie Rosenthal, Munich: Haus der Kunst/DuMont, pp. 16-60, 78-80 (in English and German), and Parachute #101, Winter, pp. 91-8.